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If you want to make an information transmission channel
It's a hot topic in the industry right now! !! !!

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price list

Price list per channel 1 medium







5,000 yen

20,000 Yen


Timeline posting





Number of deliverables

Up to 1,000




Number of deliverable users

Up to 1,000

Up to 5,000

Up to 100,000


Rich message delivery


Step (scenario) delivery

Free only during β version

Free only during β version

Free only during β version

Are you worried about this?

Recent voices of distributors

TOUKU solves all!

With TOUKU, you can easily and efficiently create a
information distribution channel and community.
Easy step distribution and easy follower management!

Things to Do in TOUKU

Introducing the most basic functions


Deliver text, images, videos, and audio to your readers.
Ideal for mass transmission to thousands to tens of thousands.

Step delivery

Staged distribution such as "Send on the day after reader registration".
Ideal for continuous delivery of step-by-step teaching materials.

1:1 chat

Chat is possible for each reader individually.
There is also a replyer tag, perfect for team support.


Introducing the most basic functions

Channel creation method

Broadcast to 1:1 chat

Reader migration

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Case Study

Many streamers have delighted


"I was attracting customers at LINE@, but
The account was banned suddenly the other day
It has been built over the past few years
Customers and hard work put bubbles...
Sales have fallen sharply.
I managed to get a smooth list
I was looking for a place where I could move.”


"Achieve 70% list transfer rate from LINE@!
Keep 80% of affiliate sales!
It's a new app, so it felt like a test.
It was more effective than I expected and I could expect it.
It's still the first move, so
If we can increase the transition rate from now on
I think we can make more sales.”

Function list

Packed with useful features for professional distributors

  • Paid channel billing

    Easily bill your followers' monthly fees, VIP fees and more

  • Step delivery

    After joining each follower, content can be delivered in sequence each time

  • Live distribution

    Easy broadcast to live, public, or followers only

  • Throwing money

    It is possible to receive money from followers during live broadcast (planned to be added)

  • One-way delivery

    Instant delivery and reservation delivery can be done unilaterally to only followers

  • Email delivery

    Even for large-capacity distribution, it can be done efficiently by using e-mail magazine distribution together.

  • community

    Everyone can speak and everyone can liven up the community

  • ASP function

    Efficiently get followers by connecting affiliates and distributors (future addition)

  • Affiliation function

    Get more followers from your affiliates and benefit from each other

  • AI automatic translation

    You can reach more followers around your world beyond your own language

  • Sending and receiving crypto currency

    You can send and receive crypto assets without entering an address (planned to be added)

  • AI automatic response

    AI will save you a lot of time and effort, such as answers to common questions (planned)

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Roadmap for adding functions

We will add functions to meet the needs of distributors

Delivery function by tag added


Added pay channel charging function


Addition of ASP function


Added live distribution + coin-to-money function


Frequently Asked Questions


Just follow simple steps, You just need to click on the Create button from the home screen then select “Create New Channel” from the dropdown menu, complete the channel information and it’s done. 

Yes, You can create a group on TOUKU by following simpler steps to chat with your friends and family in a group. 

After selecting the “Signup” button, complete your registration by following three simple steps.

  1. Enter the mobile number, click on the SMS button, and enter the verification code you received.  
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter your favorite username and password to complete registration. 

To change your password click on the “Password Edit” button from the profile page. First, you’ve to enter your old password then create a new password for your account and it’s done.

Yes, you can confirm/change the settings by clicking on the Setting option from the bottom menu. (Setting page will appear on your screen) 

Yes, it is possible with the smartphone app version, please download it in the mobile app store.

The basic functions are free, and you will need to upgrade your plan when the number of readers exceeds 5000.

→We will implement it in the future.
It can be delivered only to those who have paid for it.

Currently, points are distributed to readers with a login bonus. It can be used in games that will be implemented in the future, and can also be redeemed for cash.

Yes, I can. We are currently preparing the feature as a beta version, so updating it will allow more advanced distribution.

It is scheduled for October 1, 2020.

Yes, TOUKU achieves strong security by using the SSL encryption method adopted by financial institutions.

You can create an unlimited number of this.

You can use it during the preferential period until October 1st.

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