Welcome to a holy kingdom that will change your life
-Saint Kingdom
“This is a divine trading game”

Didn't you look for this?

 ✔︎ "Time spent playing on smartphones, can't be converted to money? 😩"

 ✔︎ "Isn't there a way to make money like a game?"

 ✔︎ "I am bored every day and want some new stimulus 😭"


That is "Saint Kingdom"!

SAINT KINGDOM is a P2P trading game in which four characters are trained and the players trade with each other.
  • STEP 1

    Select and order your favorite character

  • STEP 2

    Character grows with fully automatic training

  • STEP 3

    Trade with other players after training


Player Benefits



It is also possible to get ridiculous rewards in a short period of time
by repeating the trade of characters well.



The system will find the best match for you, without looking for a trade partner.


Speed ​​up efficiency by introducing virtual currency and AI!

100% safe trading is possible with virtual currency.
All can be left to AI.
Only now! Every $ 100 bonus!



The world is in crisis due to bad influences
You are a millionaire
Raise the four characters
Working with millionaires from other countries
Build a holy world!


Character Introduction

  • Wooden Sword

    Supporting the country with labor
    They are people who have made a contribution to enrich the country.

  • Iron Sword

    Heroes from evil forces
    It is a person who protects citizens and the country

  • Crystal Sword

    Solve various challenges
    It is the duty of the king to govern the country

  • Saint Sword

    From the sky with the power of heaven and nature
    Give me a rich blessing


User Voice

Isn't this a revolution in blockchain games? It was an XANA wallet that was opened only when I occasionally sent coins when I saw the coin price I was interested in, but now it is more open than YouTube because of this game. Trading work is almost automatic, so you can trade with strangers without worry.


Male 32 years old

There are many people around me who are addicted to SSP2P, but I thought that it was a gambling property like a sea story, so I ran away. Since I had a relationship with ANGELIUM that I registered as a recommendation of an acquaintance last year, I stepped into it ... It's an angel, no god's move! I am excited to open it every day. Thank you!


Female 42 years old

Since I go to a blockchain-related company, I check the business structure, system logic, exit strategy, etc. Most of the popular SSP2P games weren't transparent in their management, but they finally arrived! I feel that. I was impressed with the mechanism that linked gaming and OTC to the wallet.


Female 29 years old


List of Functions

  • Messenger

    Quickly communicate with trading partners with OTC Messenger

  • Virtual currency support

    Supports major virtual currencies such as BTC USDT and allows for hassle-free payment

  • SNS login

    Supports registration with 6 major SNS. Registration completed for a few seconds

  • Wallet interlock

    By linking with XANA wallet, sending and receiving virtual currency is also quick and easy.

  • Escrow function

    Allows you to trade without having to talk, pay, or confirm payment with the other party

  • Multilingual

    Supports major languages ​​of each country. Enables international trading

  • Block chain

    Secure 100% transparency by introducing smart contract and NFT

  • Customer support

    Immediate response to inquiries and troubles with quick customer support

  • Push Notification

    Real-time without missing new messages and trade notifications

Only now! Every $ 100 bonus!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Click on the “Register” icon to create your account.

2. Enter Username in the Username field.

3. Write your desired Email address.

4. Type your password in the Password field.

5. Type same Password in the “Confirm your Password” field.

6. Click on the checkbox “Agree Terms & Conditions”.

7. Click on “Register” button to complete registration.

1. Click on the “Home” icon from the footer menu.

2. Select the “Gold coin”, Click on “buy” to proceed further steps.

3. Enter the number of coins you want to buy in “Buy Point” field. Click on the “Submit” button.

4. Click on the option that you want to select for “Payment method” i.e. “Wallet” or “Crypto” or “Credit card” or “PayPal”.

5. Click on the “Purchase” button.

6. Notification will appear on your screen when you buy Gold coins successfully.

Silver coins can only be obtained through “Reward” and can be exchanged for Sword after collecting a certain amount.

1. Click on the “Login” menu.

2. Write your Registered Email address / Username.

3. Type your Password in the Password field.

4. Click on the “Login” button to start.

5. Click on the “Invite” button from footer menu. It will open a new page.

6. Tap above URL to copy. Notification will appear on the screen and Invitation URL copied successfully.

7. Share this link to invite others.

The gold coin is used as a transaction fee when trading a sword, and is used as a fine to release the penalty when the account is reported and the penalty for freezing is caused by an act that interferes with the transaction in the game or damages the atmosphere of the game. .


How to proceed with the game

■ How to get started ■

1: Easy registration using SNS
2: Register payment method

3: Select the character you want to purchase
4: Trade with automatically matched people

■ How to sell ■

1: Train purchased characters (automatic)
2: Automatically match with buyer after completion
3: Payment confirmation (automatic for virtual currency settlement)
4: Release the character to the buyer

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